Welcome to the hands free car kit page

We Supply and install most makes of car kit, Nokia kits work best with Nokia phones from our experience.

Parrot offer  bluetooth solutions which work well with most phones.

SonyeEricson also produce their own car kits.

we also can supply bluetooth earpiece devices.

Its a fast changing market with new phones and car kits being released on a regular basis so please talk to us with your requirements

Nokia Advanced Car Kit

The Nokia Advanced Car Kit offers convenient handsfree communication while in a vehicle. It works wirelessly using Bluetooth wireless technology or with a wired Pop-Port connector, and can also be connected with a compatible mobile phone holder, providing compatibility with a broad range of mobile phones.

Handsfree communication
Call handling and volume adjustment via Remote Control Button
Car radio mute
Ignition sense detection
External loudspeaker output and audio line out
Mobile phone charging - depending on selected holder
Voice tag activation - requires phone support


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