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Welcome to the car alarm and immobiliser page

We supply and fit insurance approved alarms and immobilisers along with standard alarms


Thatcham Cat 1

We supply and fit Gemini and Sigma Car alarms, Thatcham Cat 1 which is a full battery backup alarm with a two point immobiliser basically, with built in central locking outputs, these are 320 fitted, note some cars with central locking require a door motor put into the drivers door to enable the alarm to activate the central locking this is an extra 50                

Price fitted 320

Thatcham Cat 2-1

This is an alarm added to a car that already has an approved immobiliser the same as above but without an immobiliser built into the alarm.

Price fitted 275

Thatcham 2-1blip Upgrade

It is also possible to fit an alarm system which uses the original factory remote , these are called blip upgrade alarms .as above without the extra remotes, these are used mostly when its impractical to achieve what the original remote can, an example of this is the Ford transit .

Price Fitted 275

Thatcham Cat 2 Immobiliser

The ones we fit are transponder types , they are generally very reliable and deactivation is achieved without physical contact out like the touch-key variety.

Price fitted 130

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